Must Love Books

When you’re reading a really good book, do you ever feel as though you’d rather read than do anything else? I’m obsessed with reading and I hope you share my enthusiasm!

If you read my About page, you already know my favorite book is The Lord of the Rings, leading to fantasy as my favorite genre. Closely following LOTR is the Wheel of Time series—a magnificent tapestry woven through FOURTEEN books. They’re so good you’ll want to read the whole thing, so only attempt this series when you have some serious time… I finished nearly a year ago, after waiting for the final installment to be completed by Robert Jordan’s successor, Brandon Sanderson. The world Jordan created is beautifully vivid and intricately described. If you like fantasy at all, this is a series you do not want to miss!

To top it all off, I grew up right in the middle of Harry Potter mania. Can you start reading that series before the age of eleven and not secretly pretend your own Hogwarts’ letter is coming by owl? In fact, Harry Potter is probably the first real fantasy novel I ever read. Most kids grow up on fairy tales and fables, and I was no exception; but Harry Potter gave me a taste for more intricate magical worlds. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now I’m going to change topics abruptly, since I can’t write anymore without mentioning Jane Austen. I’ve read all her books and I’m always on the lookout for well-written retellings and modern adaptations. Tea, anyone?


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