Young at Heart

Lately, I’ve been watching an adorable Japanese Anime series based on one of my favorite books from childhood, Anne of Green Gables. Each episode follows a chapter of the book, and I recommend it to all fans of Anne with an “e.” Books such as this are great at evoking a particular place and/or time period. Someday, I hope to actually see the picturesque setting of Green Gables by visiting Prince Edward Island!

Until then, I can still travel with memorable books. You can try visiting Maine with Call Me Amy; or the American frontier: I loved the Little House Books–that was probably the first series I ever read. Well-loved books for the kid in you are timeless. In fact, they can be passed from generation to generation. My mom introduced me to the Tuckers and The Penderwicks. In writing this post, I realized she had only three Tuckers books—out of nine! I can’t wait to see what the rest have in store for me. I also liked her Trixie Belden books so much that I purchased my own copy years later.

Trixie Belden

It was “updated” to appeal to newer audiences, removing outdated words and phrases. Did that make the book lose some of its quaint flavor? I think so. But I’m happy it’s still available for younger generations!



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