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Austen …Unfinished

Some things are meant to be finished, such as good books and puzzles. Some things can never be finished: a lifelong quest; the turning of the seasons; or when you constantly improve upon a never-ending project. Then there are those things that are interrupted, and you never know what might have been… such as the work of a classic author.

I was ecstatic when I realized Jane Austen’s unfinished works are worth reading. I never thought a lot about them, and in general, I don’t think they come up much, which is lamentable. There’s always extra allure with an unknown story, and to have something written by Jane Austen that I could read for the first time was a wonderful discovery for me. Do you have any experience with Austen’s unfinished works? I know there are various ‘completed’ versions out there, but I wanted to read exactly what Austen had written, without mixing in another author’s interpretation.

I began with The Watsons, which is a really short fragment, only a few chapters long. It’s a brief glimpse into the life of Emma Watson, attending a ball. If you’re not already an Austen fan, this bit of writing won’t be too exciting. I adored reading it nonetheless.

After that, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with Sanditon. Although I kept fearing the text would stop before everything was concluded, the story had a beginning, middle, and end, and I believe it would have been one of her greatest pieces if she could have finished working on it! Austen intended to use the title The Brothers, which I prefer since it suits the manuscript well.

I highly recommend these two compositions to all Jane Austen fans. The form and writing obviously isn’t finalized, but there is a lot to appreciate about these snapshots of Austen’s writing process.

Now that I’ve finished reading these partial novels, I have my own unfinished Austen work to complete.


 Austen Puzzle BoxAusten Puzzle Picture

I like all kinds of puzzles; I always have—square puzzles, 3D puzzles, wooden puzzles…so finding a Jane Austen puzzle was a thrilling event!

Austen Puzzle Pieces

I’m not nearly finished with even one edge of this puzzle, but piecing together Jane Austen quotes is a quaint pastime for a quiet, rainy evening. So sit back and relax. As the rain is thrumming against the window panes, and on the roof, you can relive Miss Austen’s most memorable lines—in puzzle form!



2 thoughts on “Austen …Unfinished

  1. I’ve read all the published works, but none of the unfinished ones. I would really like to read at least Sanditon. How cool to get that feeling again, of reading a “new” Austen for the first time!
    And that puzzle is awesome 🙂

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