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The Stars and Stripes – Evolving Over Time

In honor of the Yankee Independence Day, let’s look at the evolution of the American flag. I even have a flag-inspired recipe to share!

Original Flag

The first American flag is said to have been stitched by Betsy Ross in 1776-1777.

Betsy Ross House
Betsy Ross House


Check out the following clip to see how the stars have changed from a circle of thirteen into the grid of fifty that there is today. [Feel free to click to the full video, but I noticed the beginning isn’t entirely accurate.]

I especially like the versions where the stars are arranged into a large star.

The following Fruit Flag dessert doesn’t quite match any of the actual American flags, but it’s simple to expand to any size.



Fruit Flag

12 Blueberries

9 Strawberries, halved

12 Banana slices

5 Kabob skewers

You may want to cut the banana slices, in order to have the kabobs lie flat, as I did for the picture below.

Fruit Flag

On two kabob sticks, string strawberry pieces and banana pieces, alternating every other as shown. Begin and end with a strawberry. These are the “stripes.” Do the same on the other three skewers, leaving room at the top for the blueberries. On each of these three skewers, string four blueberries at the top for the “stars.”



This dessert is easy to customize into other flags. For example, if your flag design has orange or green in it, try pieces of mandarin oranges and green grapes, or cubes of celery. The possibilities are endless!


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