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The Force Awakens

Star Wars Title

The much-anticipated Star Wars Episode VII has been released; and everyone has an opinion! Whether you’re a young Jedi initiate or a lifelong fan, this movie attracted a lot of attention.

I’ve seen the movie and I’m here to report back—favorably! For those of you who haven’t seen Episode VII yet, don’t worry; this post doesn’t give away any details.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Overall, I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, and I thought it was a good movie. I was pleased to see a new female protagonist – one who doesn’t just sit on the sidelines.

Likable characters—and droids!—once again confront the dark side in a galaxy far far away; and it’s all to the tune of an excellent score by John Williams.

With that much interest, it isn’t surprising some people were disappointed. I agree that certain situations, and even a few choice lines, felt repetitive. These were most noticeably drawn from Episode IV; but I don’t blame them for trying to recreate those moments that everyone loved from the original trilogy. Far more grounded than Episodes I – III, The Force Awakens ushers in a new era of Star Wars fandom.

Darth Paper
“Darth Paper”


May the force be with you!



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