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Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Once upon a time…

Pull out the story books – it’s National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Enchanted Book
Opening of Disney movie Enchanted


In honor of the holiday, here is a bit of rhyme from the poem in Jack the Giant Slayer.


The Giants of Gantua

Excerpt from Jack the Giant Slayer

Fee fi fo fum…

In the time of King Erik Three-Hundred-and-ten,
In ancient England, called Albion then,
The Monks of old looked to the sky,
To ask of their God who, what, how and why,
Alas, they found no reply.
The frustrated Monks turned to magic forbidden,
Incantations of the Dark-Arts they’d hidden.
With seeds they pulled from a magical pod,
The Monks grew a path-way to seek out their God.
But when they came to what they thought was Heaven’s gate,
They were met with a grisly fate.

Fee fi fo fum, ask not whence the thunder comes.
Ask not where the herds have gone, nor why the birds have ceased their song.
When coming home, don’t take too long. Monsters roam in Albion.
For between Heaven and Earth there’s a perilous place, home of a fearsome giant race.
They hunger for the flesh of the mortals below, and wait for the seeds of revenge to grow.



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