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Happy Tolkien Reading Day

A lot of events have been canceled lately, and everyone seems to be holing up… with a good book! That makes this a perfect time to tackle the 12-volume “The History of Middle-Earth” series. We can still celebrate Tolkien Reading Day, without even leaving the comfort of our own homes.

I bring you a quote from The Book of Lost Tales, Volume II.

Twinkling Forest

“Tinúviel’s joy was rather in the dance, and no names are set with hers for the beauty and subtlety of her twinkling feet.

Now it was the delight of Dairon and Tinúviel to fare away from the cavernous palace… Even at night when the moon shone pale still would they play and dance … now did he [Beren] see Tinúviel dancing in the twilight, and Tinúviel was in a silver-pearly dress, and her bare white feet were twinkling among the hemlock-stems.”

JRR Tolkien Signature

Wishing you all a safe and happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Why is it on March 25th? See my earlier Tolkien post.

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