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Chocolate Fondue with Fruit

Summer has ended, although it doesn’t always feel over yet. Are you wondering what to do with the last of the summer fruit? Have a chocolate fondue party! This mess-free chocolate fondue will add a touch of fun to your next gathering, and just watch the fruit disappear with this extra-sweet coating. You’re not limited… Continue reading Chocolate Fondue with Fruit

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Honey, Creamed Honey

What do Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen have in common? Beekeeping! The Austen home at Chawton Cottage was part of an estate that included farmland and bees. Jane Austen lived there near the end of her life, and she did much of her writing at Chawton. I’ve heard it was her sister Cassandra who was… Continue reading Honey, Creamed Honey

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Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Some things just naturally go together. Some combinations were made to stand out. Some combinations are so commonplace we can hardly imagine being without them: Cinnamon and sugar Please and thank you Salt and pepper King and queen Cookies and cream   Pairing ice cream with a hot summer day is always a great combination.… Continue reading Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

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The Stars and Stripes – Evolving Over Time

In honor of the Yankee Independence Day, let’s look at the evolution of the American flag. I even have a flag-inspired recipe to share! The first American flag is said to have been stitched by Betsy Ross in 1776-1777.   Check out the following clip to see how the stars have changed from a circle… Continue reading The Stars and Stripes – Evolving Over Time

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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

What dessert screams summer? Ice cream—the quintessential summer treat. Need I say more? Mint chocolate chip was always one of my favorite flavors. This tasty version is not only grain-free, but also dairy-free and vegan. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Makes 1 bowlful 1½ cups rice milk 2 Tbsp sugar ¼ tsp mint extract 2… Continue reading Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream