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Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

When I discovered peppermint stick ice cream, it quickly became my favorite flavor. However, I was frequently frustrated with an idea held by many companies and stores: that peppermint stick ice cream is seasonal. Now, with this delicious recipe, we can savor the sweet taste of peppermint stick ice cream anytime we like. This version is… Continue reading Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

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Watermelon Sherbet

What’s better than ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer’s day? Freshly made, ice-cold watermelon sherbet! With just four ingredients, you can whip up this fancy-looking dessert in no time.   Watermelon Sherbet Serves 2 2 cups watermelon cubes 1 Tbsp sugar 1 Tbsp powdered milk of choice (I used non-dairy rice milk) 1 Tbsp… Continue reading Watermelon Sherbet