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Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Hans Christian Andersen! Hans Christian Andersen was an author born in Odense, Denmark on April 2, 1805. Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875) He is well-known today for his memorable fairy tales. “The Little Mermaid” and “The Snow Queen,” two of my favorites, are among his most popular fictions.… Continue reading Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday

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Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Happy Tell a Fairy Tale Day! The enduring appeal of fairy tales makes them as popular as ever. Les Contes de la Nuit, or Tales of the Night is a silhouette animation film directed by Michel Ocelot that came out in 2011. These silhouettes remind me of the style of Lotte Reiniger. There are six… Continue reading Tell A Fairy Tale Day

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Cinderella’s Type

Does Cinderella have a type? In the original fairy tales, such as Perrault’s Cendrillon or Aschenputtel  by the Brothers Grimm, the prince is not really described. Do his princely qualities mean the same thing to everyone? He is left ambiguous, allowing the reader to imagine him as tall or short, light or dark, broad or… Continue reading Cinderella’s Type

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Cinderella goes to Hollywood, En Pointe

Not every Cinderella ballet follows one of the traditional story-lines. Cinderella tries her luck in Hollywood in Rudolf Nureyev’s 1930s era ballet Cendrillon, first performed by the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris at Palais Garnier in 1986. In the post I wrote earlier about Cinderella Ballets, I covered the ballets that follow the original… Continue reading Cinderella goes to Hollywood, En Pointe

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Tell a Fairy Tale, of Cinderella!

February 26th is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day! I love this holiday, and how it focuses on the telling of fairy tales, as opposed to the stories themselves. In honor of Tell A Fairy Tale Day, the theme of today’s post is retellings; specifically, retellings of Cinderella! There are hundreds of Cinderella retellings out… Continue reading Tell a Fairy Tale, of Cinderella!