Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

The 101st birthday of author Roald Dahl! is offering a party pack for celebrating the event! Have you read any of the books written by Roald Dahl? Many have been made into movies as well. My favorite is the story of Matilda. Her telekinetic powers kindled my imagination – just think of the possibilities!… Continue reading Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

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Aschenputtel: A Grimm tale

In this post, we find Cinderella, or Aschenputtel, in German folklore! You can find all my posts related to Cinderella at Introducing Cinderella. Jacob (1785 – 1863) and Wilhelm (1786 – 1859) Grimm, sometimes known as The Brothers Grimm, compiled their collection of fairy tales for an initial publication in 1812. Although more than a… Continue reading Aschenputtel: A Grimm tale

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Palindrome Day

Happy Palindrome Day! Today’s date, 7/10/2017, is a palindrome! A palindrome is any number, phrase, word, etc. that has the same sequence going forward as it does in reverse. When written in the format m/dd/yyyy, the numbers read the same forwards and backwards.   If you write the date in the m/dd/yy format, then July… Continue reading Palindrome Day

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The Liberty Bell

A sound like a sound of thunder rolled, And the heart of a nation stirred— For the bell of Freedom, at midnight tolled, Through a mighty land and was heard. And the chime still rung From its iron tongue Steadily swaying to and fro; And to some it came Like a breath of flame— And… Continue reading The Liberty Bell