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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla! Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 to January 7, 1943) was ahead of his time, approximately 80 years ahead, when he became absorbed in promoting the wireless transmission of energy. His plan, in 1900, of a global, wireless communication system, with free energy throughout the world, was decades before the internet we… Continue reading Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

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Tau Day 2020

Happy Tau Day!! It’s time for another math holiday! June 28th is Tau Day. That’s because the number tau begins with 6.28, just like the date 6/28. Tau is an irrational number, meaning the decimal places continue forever! Here are the first several: Notice anything interesting about the number? This number is twice pi! Apparently,… Continue reading Tau Day 2020

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Cinderella’s Type

Does Cinderella have a type? In the original fairy tales, such as Perrault’s Cendrillon or Aschenputtel  by the Brothers Grimm, the prince is not really described. Do his princely qualities mean the same thing to everyone? He is left ambiguous, allowing the reader to imagine him as tall or short, light or dark, broad or… Continue reading Cinderella’s Type

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Star Wars Fun Facts

It’s May 4th, and that means all things Star Wars. Here are four fun facts: 1. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) influenced George Lucas in the creation of Star Wars. Interested? You can read more about it. 2. Did Han shoot first? I actually didn’t know this controversial change was a… Continue reading Star Wars Fun Facts