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Cinderella’s Type

Does Cinderella have a type? In the original fairy tales, such as Perrault’s Cendrillon or Aschenputtel  by the Brothers Grimm, the prince is not really described. Do his princely qualities mean the same thing to everyone? He is left ambiguous, allowing the reader to imagine him as tall or short, light or dark, broad or… Continue reading Cinderella’s Type

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Cinderella: Kit and Ella

The Disney live-action Cinderella movie is a one-of-a-kind fairytale remake! A new look at the animation from 1950, Lily James stars as Cinderella in the 2015 version. I first fell in love with the trailer: the heavy gold carriage that takes Cinderella to the ball looks like it could be encased in the gold foil… Continue reading Cinderella: Kit and Ella

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Cinderella, En Pointe

Cinderella’s slippers glitter, even as pointe shoes! This classic story makes for an equally classic ballet. There is an enchanting score, the Cinderella Suite, or Opus 87, composed by Sergei Prokofiev, a Russian Soviet musician whose works include both ballets and operas. This is the music most often used in Cinderella renditions. The choreography by… Continue reading Cinderella, En Pointe

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Collecting Aschenputtel

Source:   “Shake yourself, shake yourself, little tree. Throw some nice clothing down to me.” She [Aschenputtel] had scarcely spoken these words when a splendid silver dress fell down before her. With it were pearls, silk stockings with silver decorations, silver slippers and everything else she needed. – Kate Forsyth, The Wild Girl  

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Who’s the Most Popular One of All?

Fairy tales are everywhere. There are story collections, movies, retellings… and I was curious to know which ones are the most popular. How often are different stories referenced or retold? How do favorites change over time? I used the Google Ngram tool to plot different fairytale titles. It’s important to note that this isn’t always… Continue reading Who’s the Most Popular One of All?