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Animated Beginnings

The Belgian mathematician and physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born in Brussels on October 14, 1801. (October 14, 1801 – September 15, 1883)Retouched daguerreotype by Albert Callisto His invention, the ‘phenakistiscope’ was one of the first devices ever to create the illusion of a continuously moving image. He used a spinning disc. The following… Continue reading Animated Beginnings

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Mermaid of Vanity

“In describing this siren, singing and smiling, coaxing and cajoling, the author, with modest pride, asks his readers all round, has he once forgotten the laws of politeness, and showed the monster’s hideous tail above water? No! Those who like may peep down under waves that are pretty transparent and see it writhing and twirling,… Continue reading Mermaid of Vanity