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Happy Star Wars Day!

What says Star Wars more than John Williams’ iconic score? His music for the Star Wars movies won many composition and film music awards. An attentive listener might detect some influences in the score from classical music pieces. Antonín Dvořák (September 8, 1841 – May 1, 1904) was a Czech composer. He is most famous… Continue reading Happy Star Wars Day!

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Star Wars Fun Facts

It’s May 4th, and that means all things Star Wars. Here are four fun facts: 1. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) influenced George Lucas in the creation of Star Wars. Interested? You can read more about it. 2. Did Han shoot first? I actually didn’t know this controversial change was a… Continue reading Star Wars Fun Facts

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Forgotten Dragons

What do you picture when you think of dragons? Fire-breathers? Winged-lizards? Dragons are common in fantasy, whether it’s the traditional kind or a unique interpretation. In recent literature, such as Eragon and Harry Potter, dragons are often depicted as fire-spewing reptiles, with both legs and wings. The origin of this type of dragon was a… Continue reading Forgotten Dragons