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Pi Day 2019

Happy Pi Day

March 14th is the birthday of Albert Einstein, but it’s also Pi Day!

Pi is the irrational number π = 3.1415926535…


The first three digits of pi coincide with the U.S. mm-dd-yy date format of 3/14 for Pi Day.

Pi is the circumference of a circle, divided by its diameter. What else is usually a circle? A bracelet! To commemorate Pi Day we can make Pi Bracelets!


Pi Bracelet


  • String/twine
  • Multi-colored beads

First, write down the digits of pi, as many as you want your bracelet long. Assign the numbers 1 – 9 a color, like this:

Color Code Table

Here are some more digits of Pi: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288

Interestingly, zero doesn’t appear within the first 30 digits; you can see it near the very end of the digits above. So it’s unlikely you’ll need a color for zero, but assign it one if you get there.

For each number in pi, string that color bead on your bracelet, in order. It’s your own secret code for the digits of pi!

Pi Bracelet Coded

To finish the bracelet, tie a knot around the last bead. At the other end, tie a small loop, just big enough to go around the last bead to secure the bracelet when you’re wearing it. Try other variations such as a necklace or a key chain.

Pi Bracelet


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